Israel Strikes Gazan Farmland and Kills 2, Blames Hamas for Violence

This web review was written for and published by l’Osservatorio Research Center in February 2018. It’s published form can be viewed here.

Israeli strikes in Gaza, which is 365 km2 and home to close to 2 million Gazans and displaced Palestinians.

Israeli forces have bombed farmland in southern Gaza and killed two teens near Rafah after four Israeli soldiers were injured in a blast last week.

Israeli forces fired ten missiles into Gaza Saturday night. The attack targeted agricultural lands east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. According to Israeli sources, the strikes were targeting “weapons manufacturing facilities” as well tunnels allegedly used by Hamas and other militant resistance groups.

Last week and explosive device injured four IDF soldiers near the border in Southern Gaza and two small rockets were fired from Gaza, landing in the Negev Desert and causing no casualties. While no group has claimed responsibility for either incident, Israeli forces have unequivocally blamed Hamas.

This is the second violent response from Israel in recent weeks. Israeli tanks killed two teenagers east of Rafah last week, Salem Mohammed Soliman Sabbah, 17, and ‘Abdullah Ayman Salim Irmeilat, 15. 13 Palestinians have been killed so far in 2018, including seven children.

Israeli routinely targets agricultural infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, including poisoning Palestinian farmland with herbicides. Palestinians in Gaza, which is now in its 11th year of the Israeli blockade, face food insecurity, extreme unemployment, and restricted movement, as well as repeated infrastructure destruction at the hands of Israel from which the blockade makes rebuilding and recovery near impossible.

Described by some as an open air prison, the UN has stated that Gaza will become “unlivable” by 2020 if the Israeli imposed conditions do not change. Israel blames these conditions on Hamas.

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