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Freedom Under Occupation

The same neighborhoods that MOVE called home in the 70s and 80s have been overrun by gentrification, which is abetted by the city’s economic policies and commitment to occupation-style policing. From stop and frisk and other routine forms of harassment to the outright murder of Black people by the police, existence for Black Americans has been criminalized while tens of thousands of working class Black and Brown families have been forced from their homes in an economic campaign to “revitalize” the inner cities. Philadelphia, New York, Washington D.C., and countless other American cities have adopted this form of demographic social engineering and displacement.

While not always as horrific as firebombing a residential neighborhood, the demographic reengineering of the inner cities is a violent process of economic and physical coercion. The experiences of police brutality, collective punishment, political imprisonment, separation of entire families, and forced displacement should be familiar to Palestinians and anyone who considers themselves a supporter of Palestinian human rights.

Israel Strikes Gazan Farmland and Kills 2, Blames Hamas for Violence

This web review was written for and published by l’Osservatorio Research Center in February 2018. It’s published form can be viewed here. Israeli forces have bombed farmland in southern Gaza and killed two teens near Rafah after four Israeli soldiers were injured in a blast last week. Israeli forces fired ten missiles into Gaza Saturday night. […]

Medical Conditions for Palestinian Prisoners Called “Deliberate Negligence”

This web review was written for and published by l’Osservatorio Research Center in January 2018. It’s published form can be viewed here. The recent death of a 57 year old prisoner to cancer highlights inhumane conditions for Palestinian prisoners who need medical attention. The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, an NGO focused on the rights of Palestinian […]